Prof. Univ. Dr. HOREA MURGU – UNATC teacher

operator-sunet-HDTV-1080 Discipline: SOUND OPERATORS www.cinemagia.ro; www.imdb.com

Prof. Univ. Dr. Horia Murgu has an impressive Curriculum vitae, but must confine ourselves to a few of his accomplishments. From 1990 he is university teacher at the National University of Theatre and Cinemagraphy “IL Caragiale” in Bucharest, where he founded the multimedia department in 1993 and Master of Light & Sound Design, in 2008.
In 1992 he founded the BBC Radio Journalism and TV School of Bucharest. Moreover, Prof.Univ.Dr. Horia Murgu has an intense activity in the field of personal and professional development.
In 2004 – 2009 he was President of Coaching Instiute and had two terms as President of the Romanian Association for Coaching – ARC in 2008 – 2009 and 2010 – 2011 period.

Prof. Univ. Dr. Arch. GHEORGHE BĂLĂŞOIU – UNATC teacher

Discipline: PRODUCER ASSISTANTS www.cinemagia.ro; www.imdb.com

His passion for films and the architect profession pushed him to an area not as overrated as director or actor, but indispensable to any movie: scenography.
In 1976 he debuts as production designer in the film “Crash” directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu, with whom he works also on “Payback”, “Homeland” and “Last Night of Love”. There followed more than forty films and shorts long.
From 2005 he is professor of the National University of Theatre and Cinematography “IL Caragiale” in Bucharest, and in 2012 he joined The Postsecondary Technical School of Theatre and Cinematography, where he is director and teacher.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. CARMEN LAURA BARON (Georgescu) – UNATC teacher

Discipline: EDITING IMAGES  www.cinemagia.rowww.imdb.com

With a doctorate in Directed Assembly Art and dozens of feature and commercial films to his credit, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Laura Georgescu – Baron is one of the most prominent professionals in the installation in Romania.
She began his career as a film editor at the National University of Theatre and Cinematography “IL Caragiale” in Bucharest, and was head of sound – installation department at the same institution. For eight years she was director of audio – visual production to one of the largest advertising agencies, Leo Burnett & Target. The editions of 1996 and 1997 of the festival Loved Cinema, received awards for sound and installation.
Since 2003 she is Lecturer at UNATC, and since 2012 teaches at The Postsecondary Technical School of Theatre and Cinematography.

Prof. Univ. Assoc. Dr. H.C. Dr. MIRCEA FLORIAN

Discipline: LIGHTING – FILMING TECHNICIANS http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mircea_Florian_(musician);  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1472769/

Prof. Univ. Assoc. Dr. h. c. Dr. Mircea Florian, is best known as a musician, but is also active in the field of computer science and visual arts.
Since 1965 he has an intense activity in the field of multimedia, music, art, and cyber journalism, and since 1972 he is working as computer / cybernetician, trainer and consultant in multimedia.
He has a portfolio of over twenty art awards gained in Romania, Japan, Germany and the UK. In 2011, The Senate of Western University “Vasile Goldis” awarded him with the title of “doctor honoris causa” and included this title in its academic body.

Prof. Univ. Dr. ŞERBAN MARINESCU - Movie director

Discipline: ART DIRECTOR ASSISTANTS www.cinemagia.rowww.imdb.com

Perhaps the best known movie belonging to the director Serban Marinescu is “The most beloved of the Earthlings” – one of the most popular films in the history of Romanian cinema. Other feature credits also includes feature films “Miss Aurica”, “Those who pay with life” – movies selected for the Oscar’s, television series “Witness” – won the Grand Prix of Association of Television Professionals of Romania (A.P.T.R. ) and productions of “Tycoon” and “Villains”.
In 2004 he received the National Order of Cultural Excellence in Rank of Knight. However, he has a long educational activity being for ten years Professor of Film Directing Media University of Bucharest, and from 2012 he teaches to the students of The Postsecondary Technical School of Theatre and Cinematography.

Lecturer. Dr. GABRIEL KOSUTH – UNATC teacher

Discipline:  CAMERAMAN – PHOTOGRAPHER www.cinemagia.ro;  www.imdb.com

He was attracted from childhood by the fascinating world of the seventh art, so he chose to attend the Industrial High School of Technical Cinematography in Bucharest, then he graduated from the Institute of Theatre and Film “IL Caragiale” – section “Image and video TV”. He was assistant cameraman and later became director of photography (fiction, film commercial, documentary) at Buftea film studios.
The debut as director of photography takes place in 1986 in the movie “Volcano”, directed by George Cornea. The film which took THE IMAGE AWARD OF THE FILMMAKER ASSOCIATION FOR DEBUT, used for the first time in Romania, a special technique of mixing color and black and white abstractions of the same image.
In addition to dozens of Romanian films in which he contributed, Lecturer Univ. Dr. Gabriel Kosuth has worked on many international film productions alongside famous actors such as Kiefer Sutherland, Wesley Snipes, Steven Seagal and Kevin Costner.

Conf. Univ. Dr. FLORIN GIOROC - cadru didactic UNATC


Prof. ANCA IORDAN - artist fotograf



VALERIU CIUBOTARU – Movie director


He attended the Media University courses, The Faculty of Cinematography, Department of Film and Television, and since then, his name is synonymous with this fascinating field.
In 1997 he won first prize for short film script “Dream” at Scenarios Festival organized by “Young Filmmakers Foundation”. Then, there were short films, videos and documentaries in which he signed the script, the direction, the production and the installation.
Since 2012 he is The Executive Producer at the production house Verdecrud Media.

Prof. PETRE DRĂGHICI - cadru didactic Comunicare profesională în limba engleză