SPATC Short Film Contest Results – Truth Holding

After watching and judging movies publications received from readers , the jury of the contest Truth Holding –SPATC  Short Film – Truth Holding, composed by: 


2. Prof. Univ. Dr. Arch. Gheorghe BĂLĂŞOIU – UNATC teacher, director SPATC

3. Prof. ŞERBAN MARINESCU – film director

4. Prof. VALERIU CIUBOTARU – film director 

decided to grant 

I place to Ms. ROXANA CORNAC, author of the film entitled “Politics”. 

Also, due to the high quality of productions submitted by competitors SPATC Board of Directors decided to award another two awards, consisting of 50% reduction of tuition fees for the entire period of schooling, the following two classes: HORIA ORLANDEA for the film titled “Summer Dream” and Alexander Gorge, the film titled “Andrea, seen through my eyes.” 

If the two exchanges with 50% discount will not be accepted by the two nominees will give SPATC next two finishers are expected to be contacted later. 

Finally, the TRUTH HOLDING SPATC and especially want to congratulate all the participants for high quality production unexpectedly sent for the contest and to express regret at not being able to honor all competitors, as otherwise, it would be worth it, given that the tie was extremely close and difficult. 

Once again, congratulations!

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