Details of the funding program “student loans”

Back with explanations about funding program opened by BCR under “student loans” for students SPATC

From 18.09.2012 the program can be accessed by students and candidates SPATC.

We emphasize again that this program can be found particularly advantageous loans tuition.

Also, by the same program, the loan can cover including board and lodging expenses of the applicant throughout the study. Please note that the first requirement for an applicant to be eligible for this program is proof of admission to SPATC

For more information about credit conditions (eligibility conditions, terms of credit, interest, necessary documents, etc..), Please click the link

Additional information can receive at the SPATC, Matei Basarab street nr. 32 (National College Matei Basarab – CorpD, or tel. 021-320.30.51, 0728-444524.

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