About us


Although it may seem surprising given how bushy is the offer in the Romanian education, our daily activity has put us in front with an indisputable truth: in the media, namely technical expertise, the offer in the Romanian education is extremely “thin “.

With few exceptions, no one in Romania prepares specialists with post-secondary level vocational studies of utmost importance in broadcasting and the performing arts, eather is theater, film, television, radio or the show in general. This is why in many movie sets, television studios behind the scenes or in technical studios there is an unnecessary crowd staff (or persons …) that would have high difficulty if they were asked to answer a simple question like “what are you doing here?” or more specifically “what you should do?”. Many of those who emphatically say “assistants” (director, production), “operators” (image, sound), “technicians” (the camera, the lights) have learned the craft by leaps and bounds, on a plateau on the other, “by ear”, by various styles of those which led the result is, most often disappointing. No wonder. And, first, I do not blame them. Simply had no place to learn.

In higher education there is time and there is no place for it. In there are prepared directors, producers, actors, writers, sound engineers, finally, all those who signed the act of creation. Very good, so it should, it is normal! But others, “second line” …?

Well, why we’re here, The Postsecondary Technical School of Theatre and Cinematography. From the school year 2012 – 2013, we will try with you, who you really want this, to build a school to train “real” specialists with sound knowledge, both theoretical and practical in the job for which prepare. People which at the end of  this two years of school will get into a movie set, on stage or in the studio, mastering himself, on what they have learned and know no other emotions than artistic specific act creative.

In here you are waited by the best teachers, directors, producers, directors of photography, multimedia specialists, academics. People whose signatures are clearly distinguished in the history of film, theater, performing arts in Romania.

You are the only one whose missing is felt, learners, those in loved of these arts. We wish you welcome with open arms!